Viewing Our Compressed Videos

To make our own digitized videos download quickly, we have compressed them using streaming technology developed and licensed by RealNetworks, Inc. To view our videos you will therefore need an installed copy of a version of that company's RealPlayer®.
The RealPlayer Basic program is simple to install, and it is free. To download it, students should use this link:

RealPlayer Free

Passwords for Access to Videos

Our video case studies are intended for students who are enrolled in courses using Foundations of Marketing, 8th Edition by Beckman and Rigby. Access is therefore granted only to those submitting valid passwords. To access these videos, a userid and password is required. The userid is "beckman" and the password can be obtained by turning to page 232 of the text. Note the last word on the page: it will be the password for the video case study. To access the videos, click on the link below."

Please note: Some students will be unable to use RealPlayer to access our video case studies, either because they possess computers without sound cards or because they possess computers with very slow modems, video cards, and/or CPUs.

Your Paper Doll
Psyching Them Out
Stacking the Deck
Mixed Messages: Part 1
Mixed Messages: Part 2
China Toys